2016/17 Xmas Story

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the team.

The thought of promotion or still just a dream?

The Uni and Yeovil, so nearly were beat.

From January onwards we’ll turn up the heat…


Boyner and Roberts a match made in heaven.

Six goals from Francis, his Cape Town’s now Devon

That destruction of Dart, what a class second half.

F**k you, big nose Wakeham, we had the last laugh

Thanks to Saint Nick, for joining the team.

No anger from Dallas! Strange it does seem…

“We need Jed and Rich back,” our wise old Moose said.

“If ever we’re to win,” he muttered, “playing in red.”

So into the New Year, and to our maverick Oli

More cards? Drag flicks? Uni? Or more fights over ‘Molly’

A fines night awaits with plenty of beers!

An invite for Jacob? …if he holds off the tears.


So to Bougard we look, must trust and believe

And more goals from Greener, such power. Such heave.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night



Simon [Cambridge] 

24th December 2016