2017/18 Xmas Story

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and snug in a pub
Our own wise man, Cambridge, with his thoughts on the club
Discipline, drama, squabbles and fights
A club with potential that has not reached its heights

Yet out in the darkness, across cities and towns
A reason for Roberts to banish his frowns
A first team still building, a team in fourth place
A first team involved in a close title race

So who do you ask are these men that I toast?
They get more cards at Christmas, on the pitch than by post
They talk back at umpires, cause conflicts and strife,
But each I consider a dear friend for life.

To start with, our keeper, our flick saving hero
The same again Brando, keep that score sheet to zero
Tancock’s arrival, raised a few worried looks
Not due to his talent, but his pursuit of young Brooks

And as for concerns… we look to our nine
A man who can chuck it, past a team’s guarding line
When he keeps his mouth shut, off tattoos and the beers
He can bring an opponent’s front line down to tears

No more DRAYNing goals, thanks to Dave with the beard
And also to Dom, with that left hook that’s weird
‘More time with my baby, that’s what must be done…’
2 wins and a draw though. With you, J, it’s fun.

Onto young Boyner, to whom the red mist descended
A sending off meant that his games quickly ended.
New recruit Angus, filled the hole left with grace
A beautiful player and not a bad looking face…

Diver by nature. But a Fisher by name.
A South African powerhouse with class in his game
His stick like Thor’s hammer, is our other machine
Some call him ‘Ball Breaker’, but me – Daniel Green.

A website, we are proud of, thanks to crypto king France
If only to Bitcoin, we’d given more of a glance…
And finally, to our leader, 7 goals to his name
His commitment to us all, burns as strong as a flame

Teign Men’s Ones Together, United we fight


Simon [Cambridge] 

24th December 2017